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Atlantic Penguin is a Club Penguin Private Server. It was created as "iPenguin" in 2010 by Andrew and Jay.



The server was first named ‘iPenguin’ and opened on February 14 , 2010 . Later on, the owners renamed it to Atlantic Penguin. Atlantic Penguin is pretty old. In time it gained more and more players. It was popular for its design, cool commands and its uptime. The owners were Andrew & Jay.[1]


Atlantic Penguin topped all the other CPPSs, for their excellent gameplay and features, along with and CPYS.


As they promised, they created wonderful custom rooms, catalogs, and a game. After that, many users joined Atlantic Penguin.[2]

October 2013Edit

Atlantic Penguin’s designer, Sandor, was recently banished from Atlantic Penguin for several reasons such as exploiting local .SWF files in which could cause danger to the game & revoking access from other staff members while mocking the Atlantic Penguin administrators. Atlantic Penguin has already replaced him with a new designer named “Maxoe” who will be designing new custom items and rooms for the game.[3]


  • Atlantic Penguin is one of the top CPPS of all times because of their customs (i.e. rooms, catalogs, games, and etc.) and gameplay.[4]

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